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Gulfstream Rottweiler Club Minutes and club business is done through the Internet, and sent by regular mail to those members not having Internet access.

Club meetings are held in Miami Dade County or Broward County, FL
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GRC President

86 SSRC Grace Acosta

Gulfstream Guardian Angels Rottweiler Rescue, President

Member of ARC, MRC
AKC Judge #27057 - Rottweilers, Dobermans, Bullmastiffs and Great Danes
2010 Carting Trial Chair -
2002 and 2007 ARC National Specialty Chairperson.

Greater Miami Dog Club, Inc, Former President, Board Member, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer
South Dade Kennel Club. Former President, Board Member, and Recording Secretary

Alachua, FL
(786) 295-0829

V. President

Silvia Davalos


Yolanda Ramirez


Gloria Alayon


Patricia Fisher
Norma Herrera
Lisa Mas
Suzy Blumin

Rottweiler Rescue

Our Members

  • Yohana Forte Bello
  • Flora Blumin
  • Michael Blumin
  • Howard Blumin
  • Suzy Blumin
  • Maisie Braswell
  • Ron Braswell
  • Bill Buttstead
  • Dr. Thomas Caisango
  • Paula Carter
  • Christina Clark
  • William Clark
  • Johanna Constantine
  • Carole Dehart
  • William Dehart
  • Lynne Delgado
  • Dr. Leo Durbin
  • Nikki Ehart
  • Jim Garvie
  • Linda Garvie
  • Susan Handy
  • Gwen Haynes
  • Norma Herrera
  • Jacque Humphries
  • Beatriz Jimenez
  • Fernando Jimenez
  • Thomas M. Knobel
  • Janice A. Lengavarsky
  • Jennifer Marcus
  • Dorothy Morris
  • Robert Mund
  • Robert F. Poloski
  • Susan Poloski
  • Laura Putnam
  • Ana Ramos
  • Frank Ramos
  • John Randall
  • Luis Rodriguez
  • Mali Rodrguez
  • Elisa Romero
  • Julie A. Sansone
  • Jean Smith
  • Rexanne Stokes
  • Mr. Lee Stone
  • Dr. Lee Stone
  • Diane Voss
  • David Wilson
  • Uli Wilson
  • Kathy L. Worcester